Kai's Kookies

Kai's Kookies is a specialty bakery focused on gourmet options for wellness, and healthy lifestyles in the Houston area, but don't fret if you're not in the area we ship!  Our goal is to make specialty products that don't compromise on taste and flavor.  If you are choosing low-carb keto for a lifestyle change it involves high quality fats, low carb flours, sugar free sweeteners, and natural flavors without compromise.  These treats are also diabetic friendly with a taste that makes you feel like your cheating on your diet without falling off the wagon.  Lifestyle changes are hard, but with a plan, persistence, dedications, a solid support system, and gourmet options you can do it compromise elsewhere!  Rather you are a beginner, or a keto pro we have something to offer from breakfast options to jump start your morning, snacks to get you through the day, or dessert to satisfy that after dinner before bed craving.  

Keto Treats

Keto Bagels

Keto Cookies

Keto Cookies

Savory Keto

Savory Keto


Kai's Kookies focuses on vegan cookies that defy the norm, but remains plant based.  We use high quality products, that include gluten-free flours, fruits, natural, flavors, and vegan butter, but it remains dairy-free, and egg free.  We work hard to make our Vegan cookies taste like a traditional cookie.  If you are choosing a plant-based lifestyle, it does not mean it can't be deliciously tempting.

Vegan Treats

Vegan cookies


Our gluten-free cookies are meant to be comparable to a traditional cookie.  If you are gluten-free by choice, or for health reasons you don't have to accept less than gourmet options for your gluten free lifestyle.  We also offer low carb gluten-free options made out of nut flours which reduce the carb content.  It's your choice so choose deliciously!

Gluten-Free Cookies

Gluten-free cookies