How to Stay on Track with Low-Carb Keto Diets While Staying Safer at Home

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How to Stay on Track with Low-Carb Keto Diets While Staying Safer at Home

How to Stay on Track with Low-Carb Keto Diets While Staying Safer at Home

As COVID-19 suddenly shocked the world, many people who made resolutions at the start of 2020 to get healthy by choosing keto or a low-carb diet were worried. What about those fitness goals, the gym is closed, but simple strength training is totally doable, and you can go outside and get a walk-in for some fresh air? How can one possibly eat low carb when they are faced with stress, how do you control your comfort eating?

The good news is that you CAN get back on track with those wonderful healthy eating plans. You CAN turn this into an opportunity for wellness and good health, and when it is all over, you will be able to go outside and take a vacation looking and feeling your absolute best. 

Keto is still possible during these unprecedented times. We have come up with an easy one-day menu to help you keep true to your low-carb goals.

One-Day Low-Carb Keto Menu Plan

- Begin with Breakfast

Make a Berry Greek Yogurt Parfait. All you need is plain Greek yogurt and some fresh berries to liven it up. This sweet and satisfying breakfast treat has just 5 net carbs.

- Sneak a Snack

Keep your blood sugar on an even keel with a super snack. One Kraft String Cheese and 2 slices of pepperoni will put some pep in your step, all for only 2 net carbs. We like to think of it as a deconstructed pizza!

- Love Your Lunch

There’s nothing like a hot dog for lunch. Unless you have Kai’s Kookies Bagel Beef Dogs that is. Drop on some all-beef-only chili on top and this hearty lunch will only give you 4 net carbs total.

- Take a Midafternoon Snack Break

During the pandemic, social distancing can be hard because we miss seeing our friends and extended family. Sometimes, only a sweet treat will do. You don’t have to break your healthy keto plans though. All you need are Kai's Kookies. One Lemon Cookie has just 1 net carb and is the perfect size treat.  

- Do Dinner Right

For dinner, grill a 5-ounce chicken breast. It will have that slightly-charred flavor and aroma that makes it all the more satisfying. Steam broccoli to serve with it and you’ll only have 3 net carbs for this healthy and flavorful meal.

Remember, a low-carb keto diet can help you take control of your appetite so you won’t feel compelled to snack at a constant rate while staying at home. They help you lose weight, especially around the belly, drop your triglyceride levels, and balance blood sugar and insulin levels, among other things.

Right now, more than ever, taking care of your health, your loved ones, and building up your immune system is important. Stay well during the COVID-19 outbreak and get your keto and diabetes-friendly treats delivered from Kai’s Kookies to help you stay on track.

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