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Keto Cookies-Brookies
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Keto Cookies-Brookies

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Keto Brookie is a half chocolate chip half brownie low carb keto-friendly cookies that have all the flavor of traditional cookies without the carbs. These delicious soft cookies will not compromise on taste. These Low carb Keto Brookie Cookies are also diabetic-friendly at one net carb each.  You no longer have to choose between brownies and chocolate chip cookies you get them together as one low carb treat! Sold by the half dozen and the dozen.  

Our cookies are made with the finest high-quality ingredients with our customers’ taste buds in mind. 

Ingredients:  Almond flour, eggs, Vanilla extract, Erythritol, Baking soda, and Salt, Sweet cream butter, cocoa powder, and Sugar-free chocolate chips.

Cookie Size: Each cookie is individually weighed, approx 40 grams, which makes for a pretty decent sized cookie. 

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