About Kai

Meet Makai


Hi Everybody,


My name is Makai and I Love Kookies!   My Mommy and Daddy are really awesome they helped me take my idea into reality! Starting my business took some time and some convincing.  Persistence pays off is what my parents always say.  They wanted me to understand that hard work, dedication, as well as a lot of other things, go into having a business.  My parents have also taught me that having a business means taking care of customers, and the community.  I may only be a kid, but every little thing can become big things when we do them together.  We can make things better and help those in need, my goal is to partner with organizations that are doing good and helping people.  Be sure to check back often and we will keep you updated on what we are doing to help!

I guess I should tell you why I wanted to start my business and why I spell cookies with a "K".  I started to go into the kitchen with my daddy and watch him cook.  I asked him how he learned to cook so good, he said it started when I was little watching my mom cook.  So guess what, I started to watch him cook, and I asked a bunch of questions.  He patiently explains what he is doing, and sometimes he says way too much, but I let him (Ha, ha, ha).  One day he started to make some cookies and I tasted them and I was like these are good.  I asked him, did Nana teach you that, he said no I learned to bake these when your mom was pregnant with you, yes you.  She had a craving for some cookies and he kept going to the place where they sold them and they never had them.  He said he had to make mama happy so he went to the kitchen and made several batches until it was just right.  I thought wow he loved us that much to make what he could not buy.  So I kept watching, and one day he told me to wash my hands it's time to help make these!  At first, he only let me help with prep add this, add that, then he started to ask me about what step was next.  Eventually, I started to make the recipe all by myself, with him watching of course, but I did it.  Later I decided to call them Kookies because cookies don't explain the love that we put in all of our kookies.  So the "K" represents love, flavor, and respect!


My dad and I are a Kookie making duo, with a passion and love for Kookies.  When I'm not at school, I like baking, playing & shopping. My favorite subject in school is math and science, I really enjoy doing experiments.  My dad says baking is like a science, balancing, mixing, and enjoying the results! I enjoy Shopkins, Project Mc², watching shows and movies with my brother and my family.  I really enjoy going on vacation and I look forward to seeing the world!


Sweetly,  Kai


Mom + Dad


As Makai’s parents, we are strong advocates of community involvement and strongly believes it still takes a village. Makai has decided to take after her father in the kitchen. She has taken her father’s recipes and love for kookies and started her very own Kookie company. Makai loves Kookies so much she wants to share her delicious kookies with everyone. Makai likes to spend her free time in the kitchen experimenting with yummy ingredients to bring joy to everyone’s tummy. Kai’s Kookies operates as a cottage baker. We are very excited and happy that you have chosen to support young entrepreneurs and try our delicious cookies with your family & friends. After a long day of school & baking, Makai enjoys eating kookies and drinking milk with her brother. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.