Cookie dough Fundraiser

Looking to raise money for your organization.

We offer a 30% profit margin

red velvet cookie dough

We recognize the challenges associated with allergens,  dietary restrictions, and lifestyle changes in today's society. That's why we offer eight tradition gourmet cookie dough flavors and two vegan/gluten-free cookie dough options so the fundraiser can be more inclusive.

 You may think thirty percent seems low. Don't discount a   30% profit.  Many fundraisers offer a 50% profit, but their   products are lower priced and half of two dollars is   $1.Thirty percent of 18.00 is $5.40 per unit.  Change the way you look at fundraisers and offer a product that they will beg you to do again.

Our gourmet products with unique and bold flavors create repeat orders and once the word of mouth spreads orders increase. Our vegan and Gluten-free options are a welcome change from bland and predictable they also produce $8 per unit!

gourmet cookie dough

 For more information, please contact us  at

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